The Herald Sun does Artvo Melbourne!

In exciting ArtVo news, the Herald Sun published an article on Friday 15th July about the ArtVo experience. Reporter Genevieve Allison described ArtVo, Australia’s first 3D interactive art installation, as a ‘visual playground’ with artwork painted directly on the walls and floors.
ArtVo was wrapped with the article and its description of our larger than life interactive artwork stretching over 1900 square metres.

‘Kids come face to face with wild animals, scale rocky crevasses and surf the ultimate pipelines’

The article described ArtVo’s many different zones as having ‘mind boggling’ themes, that help make ArtVo such a dramatic departue from the traditional art gallery. Other aspects of ArtVo that were praised were the ability of visitors to touch and feel the art, and the very un-traditional encouragement of patrons to take selfies with the artworks.

‘ArtVo offers Melbournians the chance to experience art in a whole new way – by simply striking a pose in front of the camera, you can become part of the art itself’

We were absolutely wrapped with the coverage, and invite Herald Sun reporter Genevieve Allison back to Harbour Town to experience ArtVo and take selfies with family and friends any time!

Read the whole article here: