Spotlight on ArtVo Melbourne’s artists

The 1950 square meters of immersive art that is ArtVo was only possible thanks to the combined efforts of 14 Korean artists, with a total of 40 years experience between them. These artists worked for over 480 hours, using more than 500 litres of paint between them to bring our Harbour Town experience to fruition.

Gwangbok Kim is one such Korean artist to help make ArtVo’s ‘World Zone’ a reality. With 40 years experience under his belt, Mr Kim specialises in representing art in a realistic and dynamic way.

Jaeho Jo is another talented Korean artist who helped bring ArtVo to life. Mr Jo’s work can be found in the ‘Classic Crescent Zone’ of the gallery, where he has transformed world renowned paintings such as the Mona Lisa and the Birth of Venus into immersive experiences.
YunSik Hyun is the Korean artist primarily responsible for bringing the ‘Aquatic Adventure Zone’ to life. Mr Hyun finds particular enjoyment in painting waves, fish, and everything under the sea. He says this is because of the detail and the colour that the ocean offers to an artist.

Each of the 14 artists who contributed to the immersive experience that is ArtVo boast incredible skill and a great deal of experience. These artists have made it possible to create the world-class experience that we are now able to offer.

Over the coming months we will be profiling each of these 14 artists individually so that we may grasp their great accomplishments prior to embarking on making ArtVo a reality.