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ArtVo is a new immersive art gallery or ‘trick art’ gallery – the first of its kind in Australia. The 1900-square-metre museum opened in August 2016. Unlike normal art museums, students are encouraged to touch and interact with the artworks, photographing themselves and becoming part of the art.

With over eleven themed zones your students can explore interactive large scale pieces of artwork, painted directly onto the walls and floors – with additional sculptural elements added to allow students to immerse themselves into different scenes, locations and famous paintings.


As of the end of the 1st school semester, teachers/teacher aids will only be granted free admission to the gallery as part of their school group booking.

Curriculum made fun

Teachers, parents, and kids of all ages love ArtVo. A safe and captive environment that allows students to explore their creativity while creating memories and experiences that last a lifetime.

Resources to maximise results

Each teacher is provided with a comprehensive 24 page Learning Resource tool to engage and inspire your students with curriculum-suitable material for your chosen topic(s) to develop a sequential learning plan.

ArtVo’s education program has taken the key curriculum learning areas from the Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority and provided a comprehensive tool to create engaging learning material for your students.

Learning areas included are:

Team building

Team building at ArtVo supports students in learning to recognise emotions, develop empathy for others, understand and build a framework for positive relationships, work effectively in teams, develop leadership skills, and handle challenging situations constructively.

Creative writing

ArtVo allows each student to tap into their own creative world and imagination. It supports students who find it difficult to develop their own elements of a story, providing settings and situations. With two programs offered; developing description and creating engaging plots, ArtVo ignites creativity while offering learning activities that support imaginative story development.


ArtVo’s Drama program provokes students to learn, think, move, speak and act with confidence. In making and staging drama they learn how to be focused, innovative, and resourceful. They collaborate and take on responsibilities for drama presentations.

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