Immersive art experiences overseas

While proud to be the first immersive art gallery in the Southern Hemisphere, ArtVo has been inspired greatly by its overseas predecessors. There are currently 9 (CHECK) other ‘trick-eye’ galleries operating globally, all experiencing great levels of popularity and success.

One such international immersive art gallery is the Trick-Eye Museum in Singapore. The museum has been enjoyed by locals and tourists alike since 2014, with the vast majority of patrons being families with children.

As the nation in which all of our immersive artists hail from, it should come as no surprise to learn that Seoul in South Korea boasts an immersive art gallery of its own. Opening in 2010 Korea’s Trick Eye Museum has enjoyed over six years of success and continues to flourish, with local Koreans and tourists alike immersing themselves in the artwork.

Another success story of international immersive art galleries is the Phuket Trickeye Museum. Coming in at number 4 on Trip Advisors list of 105 things to do in Phuket this immersive art gallery become a main tourist attraction in this vibrant city.

Immersive art galleries have experienced great levels of success across the world, becoming popular destinations for locals and tourists alike. ArtVo aims to operate in a similar manner, serving as both an attraction for tourists and an entertaining day out for Melbournians.