About ArtVo

Over 100 3D, reality-defying artworks – featuring YOU!

ArtVo is a new immersive art gallery or ‘trick art’ gallery – the first of its kind in Australia.

Unlike normal art museums, visitors are encouraged to touch and interact with the artworks, photographing themselves and becoming part of the art.
With over 11 themed zones to explore, each featuring their own incredible, hand painted artworks which cascade directly from the walls to the floors, the possibilities for your imagination are endless. Immerse yourself into different scenes, locations and famous paintings.

14 artists with over 40 years’ experience completed in excess of 100 hand painted artworks in just 60 days.  The 1900 square metre museum is now open!

Meet the Artists

GwangSeok Jo

Mr. Jo has travelled the world admiring old buildings and structures along the way. His strength lies in structural painting and his work can be appreciated in the World Tour zone where he painted the Sydney Opera House and Taj Mahal among others. Starting out at the age of 9, his greatest motivation is witnessing the admiration on visitors’ faces when they see his amazing work.

ChangDeok Kim

The turning point for Mr. Kim to paint interactive art came when he visited a ‘trick art’ gallery many years ago. His love for animals combined with his passion for painting has inspired many of the images containing animals on display throughout the gallery.

GwangBok Kim

Mr Kim’s love for painting started back in high school when he won a special prize in an art contest and since then he’s never looked back. With over 40 years’ experience under his belt, his specialty lies in representing art in a realistic and dynamic way and his creativity also extends to building sculptures as he finds satisfaction in the finished work. Mr. Kim’s work can be seen within the World Zone: Venice and the gondola, the Ballarat gold mine, etc.

JaeHo Jo

Mr. Jo is the man behind most of the paintings in the Classic Crescent zone where he painted Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli and Le Fifre by Édouard Manet just to name a few. His painting career started at the tender age of 10 when he was inspired to paint portraits that he had seen while visiting the many famous art galleries in Paris. Throughout his 40 years’ experience he has had the opportunity to paint in many other galleries around the world.

YunSik Hyun

At high school Mr. Hyun was both an athlete and a painter. He particularly enjoys painting waves, fish, and everything under the sea because of the detail and colour it offers. Take a walk to the Aquatic Adventure zone and see how Mr. Hyun’s artwork and creativity come to life.

SeunGil Ko

HyeongDeok Park

Director Park was a 6-year-old genius who could, even back then, bring the thoughts of his young imagination to life through painting. Following his first experience with ‘trick art’ he realised that he could take things to another level wherein visitors could interact and ‘blend into’ the paintings. The moving wall in the Imagine zone is sure to have you completely mesmerized!

JongSeon Bok

Mr. Bok is at his happiest when he is painting. A professional landscape painter, his artworks can be found in galleries around the globe as well as within the World Tour zone at ArtVo Melbourne. He loves the picturesque landscape that Australia has to offer.

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